What happens during a full hearing test at the audiologists office?

The person that will be doing the hearing testing is called an audiologist. At the appointment, the audiologist will likely do an auditory brainstem response (ABR) test. 

The audiologist will ask that your baby be relaxed, calmed and/or sleeping during the test. Special instructions may be given to you before and during the test. Read these carefully and do your best to follow the instructions. You may be asked to change your baby’s sleeping and feeding schedule for that day. 

During the test, certain sounds will be presented in your baby’s ear by small earphones and a computer will record and measure how your baby is responding to these sounds.

After the testing is complete, the audiologist will let you know the results of how your baby hears.

If no hearing loss is found, great! Watch your baby as he/she grows. If you have questions about your baby’s speech or hearing, talk to your baby’s doctor and ask for another hearing test.

If hearing loss is found, the audiologist will explain what type of hearing loss your baby has and how much. Hearing loss can affect how your baby communicates with you. 

Your baby with hearing loss can sign up for early intervention. Your baby’s brain is growing and early intervention can help your baby learn to communicate.

Early intervention is very important. The best results happen when babies with hearing loss get help by 6 months of age.

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